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Welcome to Neev Early years. We are an ecosystem of learning, care and imagination anchored in the belief of children as curious, capable and competent. We build the attitudes and mindsets children need to thrive; nurturing relationships filled with trust and seeding optimism and belief. We carefully plan learning and development engagements with rapidly progressing challenges that give our young learners continuous opportunities for communication and collaboration as they develop the skills of literacy and numeracy. A 21st century education recognizes that music, movement and arts are integral to our learning, play is a right for every child, and an early seeding of awareness of the world is a superpower that compounds with time. Our five early years centres are structured for holistic learning with rich indoor and outdoor exploration and are centrally located to reduce commutes for young children. We believe that the physical environment is a third teacher that creates a fertile soil for learning; we have intentional learning centres and rich outdoor spaces that give our children voice and choice via building decision making capacity to choose how to spend their time. We nurture reading as an essential habit for lifelong learning. Our goals of growing children who are disciplinary thinkers, communicators, collaborators, self directed learners, and community builders is rooted in belief that every child is as unique when they come to us and we must keep them unique as they grow to love learning for life. Our unique parent community of entrepreneurs, change-makers and risk-takers are educated at leading universities and their diverse work experience value, support and partner our vision of progressive learning. Impact beyond our walls leads to Neev hosting the largest children’s literature festival, a book award set up to recognise great children’s literature from India, and our upcoming Teacher Training Institute for education reform. Join us to explore and find out more.



Two-year-olds enjoy using their senses and motor skills to explore the world and are highly curious about unfamiliar objects, events and phenomena.
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AGE GROUP : 1.6 years to 1.9 years

Pre - K

Three-year-olds learn primarily through exploring, using all the senses. They will even persist in completing something that is a bit difficult and can think more creatively and methodically.
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AGE GROUP : Under 3 years


When it comes to learning, four-year-olds are developing greater self-control and ingenuity. Their pretend play is more complex and imaginative and can be sustained for longer periods.
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AGE GROUP : Under 4 years


Five-year-olds are creative and enthusiastic problem solvers. They offer, progressively more of imaginative ideas for how to do a task.
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AGE GROUP : Under 6 years

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