Online Learning Update Virtual ArtGallery 29th April 2020

‘Believe that you can and you will.’

Almost 5 weeks into Online learning and we have all become better at doing many new things.

And now, the Neev EY team brings to you the experience of a Virtual Art platform to showcase students’ learning. This will go live to the Neev community in the week of 11th May 2020.

Sharing below some of the details for us to work towards Grades Prek, K1 and K2 - Virtual Visual Art Gallery. In Visual art, over the years at Neev, students have been experimenting and learning about colour, shapes, form and media and building skills to represent their thoughts and ideas.

Over the last few weeks of online learning, we have been ‘talking’ to our children on change, positivity, happiness and hope through the various stories and the reflective tasks. The students will now share their learning and what they understand of this, by creating an art workpiece. We request you to send a high-resolution image of the artwork for creating the virtual art gallery.

For the Toddlers and Early start please share a high-resolution image of them where you see them expressing positivity, happiness and hope. This will be shared in a format within the Neev community keeping the safety and privacy of our youngest Neevites.

Please send the artwork pictures and children's images in the below email IDs as per your child’s branch. Please mention the child’s full name, class and title of the artwork.

Branch Email id
Visual art IN

Visual art KM

Visual art SN

Visual art WF

Visual art QR

The first live Zoom session had the teachers discussing this aspect with the children. Am sure some of you are already working on the art task and the submission date for the same will be shared in the online lesson plan.

Let us create a memory of this time that brings a smile on everyone’s face. Our responsibility of the learning of our Neev children is now in a new form.
Thank you all for sharing this responsibility with us.

Together we can and we will.

Best Regards,

Priti Anand

Director- Neev Early Years