Neev Response to Coronavirus and Distance Learning


Message to the community: Roadmap of Learning @Neev - 03rd July 2020


Hope you all are doing fine. As mentioned in our last communication, please find attached a Roadmap for your child’s learning journey at Neev in the academic year 2020-21. This roadmap is a detailed plan for both students of Early Years and Academy, learning in three different models depending on the situation/risk going forward. We stay firm on the commencement of the academic year 2020-21 on Monday, 13th July in an online/blended learning mode(Model 2) . We do believe that the best mode of learning is face to face and we are prepared for the same whenever the situation is safe for the children and in accordance with the government guidelines.

We would like to give you the weekend to read this document and if required we can have some information sessions next week to clarify your questions.

Our commitment as always is learning continuity for all children entrusted to our care.


Neev Roadmap for learning


Stay Safe,

Neev Early Years Team

Message to the community: Learning & Growing Together@Neev - 23rd May 2020


Hope you are all safe and healthy. Despite the gradual lockdown lifting, its probably advisable to keep children home in the coming weeks.

We are working on the assumption that physical classes will start from Academic year 2020-21. This may evolve to comply with new norms, to partial opening, or even revert to online learning. Essentially, in the short-term, we don’t know if we are at the start, middle or end of the virus. So thought it would be useful to revisit some long-term stuff; learning, human capital and strategic planning.

Learning; This is always our first guiding principle and the basis of all planning at Neev. Continuity of learning is about age based transitions, and enriching experiences on a learning continuum for children; children's growth across all domains, and at all ages, is rapid and cumulative. Development and early learning provide a foundation on which later learning is constructed. The challenges of online learning for teachers, students and parents (especially of younger kids), in our community, were more than compensated by no learning loss for our children in the last 2 months. Online learning has created important implications we are now considering for our physical program as well; microplanning, flexibility of time/place/space, greater voice/choice/ownership to learners, digital connect across home/school, etc. When & if we need to resort to online learning, a lot will change and evolve based on the experience and ongoing research, with more time, than the overnight transition we had to make. The holidays are a much needed reprieve but its important to avoid summer slide for your child by finding the middle ground between structure and chaos through healthy holidays routines, controlling passive screen time, and building the right habits. A continuity of high-quality experiences is important to supporting children's development and always needs thought and engagement from us as educators and parents. The breadth vs depth dilemma is often captured as 'Less is more', but it is crucial to remember that less needs depth. The curated lists shared by our librarians with books for all ages, and our college counsellor for online highschoolers courses, at leading Global and Indian universities, are some guidance. In the flood of resources and websites that are emerging we are gathering some we find good on this webpage of summer resources that we will keep updating. We hope the lifting lockdown soon gives way to allow the outdoors too; while experts globally share thoughts on learning from home, at this point it's important that - kids go out and play!

Human Capital; The only real asset for a school is human capital; teachers, culture and continuous teacher learning. Our strength lies in constantly stepping up our capability balancing our internal growth with some lateral entries for expertise in both, teaching and administrative teams. Neev has a solid track record of growing leadership from within, visible across Early years and Academy in our academic heads, center heads, coordinators and middle leaders. But in the last few years, with growing complexity of programmes, we have also balanced this with mature leaders joining us and bringing great wisdom to our energy and vision, some of Academy's leadership and Central Admin team heads. Recent joinees include a leader with 20 years of IB experience to lead our Science department at Academy joining in June and our new IT head who came on board March (without whom the online transition would not have been as smooth). We wish exiting teachers well, remain selective with new recruitments, as also admissions, always strengthening our community in skill, attitude and values particularly.

Strategic Planning; COVID challenges all organizations and we thank our community for their continued support that allows us to think about Neev 4.0. This is organized around 6 pillars; Recognising Identity, Learning Driven by the Environment, Challenging Ourselves, Making Thinking Visible, Being Disciplined, and Contributing to Community. These pillars have been invisibly present in all we did, but we have now surfaced, articulated and refined them, to ensure their pursuit, through our governance and pedagogy via multiple projects. I invite you to read more about our strategic planning process for Neev 4.0 and share your thoughts. Neev 4.0 is about building sustainability, trust and impact through strengthening processes, strengthening vertical and horizontal learning alignment, change informed by data, and stronger systems for supporting our growing teacher community of 200+teachers. Non-profit Schools have one asset –human capital – that needs some infrastructure. Any strategy needs resources and in our case these are fees and donors. In compliance with government guidelines, we requested voluntary fee payments from parents. I wanted to thank the large proportion of parents who have paid their fees despite circumstances. All parent emails with specific needs for delayed payments of tuition fees have been handled mindful of individual needs with privacy. Neev is a not-for-profit foundation, and nonprofit organisations have lower flexibility than other organizations, and schools even lower given the time it takes to build teaching practise. All funds generated are used, and our biggest expense is salaries. We continue to meet all financial commitments to teachers, staff, vendors and facilities maintenance. It is our duty to be sensitive and responsible in these challenging times and our strategy balances frugality in all expenditure while ensuring delivery of best practise learning that is our raison d'etre.

All our updates for the last 10 weeks are on the COVID19 and online learning pages for both Early years and Academy. Our online learning sites will also remain active for a couple of weeks for the convenience of our community. And on that note, we close for two weeks now. Administration and leadership are back in school on June 8, librarians on June 15, teachers on June 22, and students on July 13...Inshallah. We hope to hold the graduation for our K2 cohort and our first DP bravehearts on July 18, a week after kids come back to school.

We are building a generation of happy, caring, well-rounded learners, and we know that isn't easy. And I am always grateful for the support of parents who are with us in deed and spirit on our endeavours, even as we recognise the need for stronger communication to truly be able to work together. The oldest and strongest emotion in mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest fear, is fear of the unknown. But as Nelson Mandela reminded us, your choices should reflect your hopes rather than your fears. This is my dream for Neev and our children.

I look forward to seeing our kids and all of you in the monsoon semester IN

Best Regards,

Kavita Gupta Sabharwal

Founder, Neev early Years



Message to the community: Virtual Visual Art gallery to view - 14th May 2020


No one looks at the world as bright and pretty as a child does. Because, really, there’s no place to look for that glimmer of hope than in the eyes of a child.- Saying Images

In these past few weeks, we have witnessed so much optimism from children, parents and teachers towards taking the children’s learning forward during these unprecedented circumstances! It has been a joy to stay connected with our children, through new ways! We appreciate the efforts of parents in partnering with us in this endeavour. Children have been sharing their views and expressions on Hope and Happiness through various ways. What better way to celebrate this positivity than to share a Virtual Visual Art Gallery of children’s expressions!!

The Neev EY team brings to you the experience of a Virtual Visual Art platform to showcase students’ learning. This will go live to the Neev community on 13th May 2020, Wednesday.

Please follow the instructions shared below to access the link to the Virtual Visual Art Gallery to have a seamless experience. Net connectivity can be a concern so be mindful of it and try again.

  1. You can use your mobile and laptop for experiencing the virtual space, though we suggest a laptop for a better experience.
  2. Please click on the link given below. It will take you to Neev's Online Art gallery.
  3. Please click on "Click here to explore" It will open up to the various Arts forums.
  4. Please click on Visual Arts.
  5. Next click on Early Years. this will lead you to the page that has all 5 Neev EY Branch boxes.

Click on your child's Branch and the relevant Grade and enjoy viewing the Virtual Visual Art Gallery!

  1. Please wait till the download is complete and then start the Virtual Tour.
  2. Click on "i" on the right to understand how to navigate through the virtual space.
  3. A virtual layout of the gallery is seen on the left which allows you to know where you are.
  4. Please click on the image to see the details of the artworks.
  5. If the audio is not audible, please increase the volume.
  6. End your tour before leaving
  7. Please note that the website needs to be closed after viewing, so as to avoid the net traffic to the site.

Here is the link to the Neev Online Gallery

We are sure you will cherish this experience for a long long time!

Best Regards,

Neev Early Years Team



Message to the community: EY update - 12th May 2020


“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” Robert H. Schuller.

We are at the end of another academic year. Our Grit and Resilience in the face of the COVID-19 global pandemic will be a memory for a long time.

The online plans, the Veracross posts, the recorded zooms, the live Zooms and Launch of Seesaw for K1 and K2. These corroborate our desire and commitment to learning and kept us connected to our children.

Some important dates for you-

  1. 12th May- last zoom for Prek group
  2. 13th May – launch of the virtual art gallery
  3. 13th May- last Zoom for the Toddler group
  4. 14th May- feedback posted on Veracross for Toddlers and Prek
  5. 15th May- last live group Zoom for K1 and K2
  6. 15th May- feedback posted on Veracross for K1 and K2
  7. 16th/17th – e-portfolios of Toddlers and PreK posted.

It’s time we now take our summer break, to relax and rejuvenate. We will reflect on the year gone by and keep the promise of thoughtfulness, perseverance and grace in all that we do.

All the joyous memories will keep the smiles on our faces.


Priti Anand

Director Neev Early Years



Message to the community:Online Learning update - New initiative - 2nd May 2020


The live Zoom sessions of children with their teachers was a joyful and engaging experience that brought smiles on everyone's faces.

We will continue this for all classes, once a week to keep the connection between school and children. Toddlers will also continue with the Veracross post every day and the PreK with the online lesson plan. We are sure this is supporting the skill-building and maintaining routines with our young children.

For the K1 and K2's, we are happy to start the use of Seesaw to capture your child’s learning and for us to communicate about children's progress and needs. We will initiate this on Tuesday, 5th May 2020. The tasks to be submitted through Seesaw will be in the class presentation for K1 and K2.

Seesaw, an online platform, used all across the globe, creates a powerful learning loop between students, teachers, and families, to turn-in work for feedback from their teachers. We will continue this platform when children return to real 'classrooms' next academic year.

Below are steps for setting up Seesaw on your device.
Set up your child in the Seesaw Class App:

  1. For devices like tablets or phones, download the Seesaw Class App
  2. For laptop or desktop computers, go to

  3. Click on I’m a Student
  4. Enter the text code or scan the QR code

The login invite will be shared with you by your Branch Head.

Please refer to the images below and follow these guidelines -

  1. Login only through the email id provided by the school for each child
  2. Complete the engagement as mentioned in the task
  3. Add response as guided
Trulli Trulli

For any question/concern contact the Branch Head of your child's branch that you have been using for the last few weeks. For your reference, here they are again-

  1. Neev Indiranagar -
  2. Neev Sadashivnagar -
  3. Neev Whitefield -
  4. Neev Queens Road -
  5. Neev Koramangla -

The children will work on the tasks assigned to them, in the daily schedule, and upload the required tasks only where a link is provided for Seesaw. In a week, homeroom teachers will assign 2-3 tasks and 1-2 art-related tasks to tun in. Children are expected to complete and post the task before the submission day. Your children will need guidance initially, but would soon be able to do this independently. Seesaw is known for being child-centric, building independence, and strengthen the relationship between teachers and students (and parents) through the feedback process.

"Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence" - Abigail Adams

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep the positive spirit high!

Best Regards,

Priti Anand

Director - Neev Early Years



Message to the community: Online Learning Update- Virtual Art Gallery - 29th April 2020


‘Believe that you can and you will.’

Almost 5 weeks into Online learning and we have all become better at doing many new things.

And now, the Neev EY team brings to you the experience of a Virtual Art platform to showcase students’ learning. This will go live to the Neev community in the week of 11th May 2020.

Sharing below some of the details for us to work towards Grades Prek, K1 and K2 - Virtual Visual Art Gallery. In Visual art, over the years at Neev, students have been experimenting and learning about colour, shapes, form and media and building skills to represent their thoughts and ideas.

Over the last few weeks of online learning, we have been ‘talking’ to our children on change, positivity, happiness and hope through the various stories and the reflective tasks. The students will now share their learning and what they understand of this, by creating an art workpiece. We request you to send a high-resolution image of the artwork for creating the virtual art gallery.

For the Toddlers and Early start please share a high-resolution image of them where you see them expressing positivity, happiness and hope. This will be shared in a format within the Neev community keeping the safety and privacy of our youngest Neevites.

Please send the artwork pictures and children's images in the below email IDs as per your child’s branch. Please mention the child’s full name, class and title of the artwork.

The first live Zoom session had the teachers discussing this aspect with the children. Am sure some of you are already working on the art task and the submission date for the same will be shared in the online lesson plan.

Let us create a memory of this time that brings a smile on everyone’s face. Our responsibility of the learning of our Neev children is now in a new form.
Thank you all for sharing this responsibility with us.

Together we can and we will.

Best Regards,

Priti Anand

Director- Neev Early Years



Message to the community: EY- Learning from Home - 16th April 2020


I am sure you are all staying safe and healthy. The team misses the children and from your many emails, we understand children miss being at school. These are unprecedented times and it’s important that we keep our calm and positivity.

Digital learning has been a new experience for the Whole Neev community- teachers, children and parents. It’s 4 weeks now and we are at a halfway mark in our online learning modules. It’s heartwarming and endearing to see the work of the children. The ‘school’ looks different now. Going forward, the class teachers will give meaningful inputs that will be shared through the same email id that you are using for sending the work. Your submission of work and its feedback gives an indication of each child's progress and skills built. A lowering of academic performance after a long break, as during the Summer, is a well-documented fact and a worry for educators and parents across the world. This COVID-19 lockdown, if treated as a break from learning, just increases this risk. Having the discipline and routine at home will help children be more in control of their daily activities and learning.

We are committed to continuing this format of learning till the completion of the academic year 2019-20. Reports will be shared in the week of 11th May, along with the e-portfolios. These will reflect the work done while they were at school. The file portfolios will be shared when the situation improves.

The silver lining to find, the relationships getting stronger; the pollution getting lower; the tug on heartstrings, for all that is good and positive in our lives.

Leaving you with this message.

Best Regards,

Priti Anand

Director, Neev Early Years



Message to the community: Learning From Home - Week 2: Level Up! - 1st April 2020


COVID19 India lockdown continues till April 14th, and the emotional, and economic contagion will have a much longer tail than the virus. But epidemiologists are also beginning to cautiously express hope. This recent video by Dr.Larry Brilliant was interesting; he outlines a 100-year history of pandemics and answers questions.

Yesterday the Neev community completed the first week of learning-from-home (LFH). We are grateful to so many parents who have shared encouraging messages for teachers and the leadership and most of all for supporting the LFH in many ways. These memories will stay with us forever. Thank you! Teachers have adapted literally overnight to virtual classrooms, virtual planning, recording videos, reimagined labs and explorations, how art and drama are taught, reading and sharing stories and so much else. This incident has connected the global teaching community in ways that are making all of us stronger by sharing hyperdocs, reviewing platforms, and amplifying best practices.

Senior school classes: Synchronous classes were seamless as our students are digital natives using Google sites/drive and our LMS's (Managebac /Veracross). They use ZOOM better than many adults, using the platform for breakout sessions for small group collaborations, besides having fun with it. The discipline around asynchronous work has taken longer to settle, with some extensions on task times with few students. Teething trouble with timetable clashes and lessons extending beyond time are now sorted. We realise that attitudes of learners, both positive and negative, are the same across physical and digital classrooms. A student often late to school had to be woken up with a call by a classmate (!). More disciplined students have clearly adapted to self-led choices with LFH much better. We are working with students on expectations while stepping up learning in the coming week/s with the introduction of new methodologies for reading groups, explorations, small group learning, and some new platforms. With the cancellation of the DP (Grade 12) exam, we are supporting the completion of course work for submission to the IB for grading this week, and after that, we switch to a unique pre-collegiate programme driven by Indian history/mythology, current affairs, and individual interests based choices. We have been informed by the IB early this morning on the cancellation of the MYP eAssessment (Grade 10) exams as well. Teachers have been talking with students to handle their disappointment, and are now planning for them differently towards the completion of coursework and beyond; more information soon to the cohort.

PYP classes: Since this learning is asynchronous, it has taken teachers more effort because they can't just transfer existing classroom plans, as they need different thought altogether. This has stabilized - for the teachers. With the PYP, the greatest challenges are getting the work back from students, for feedback. Grade 5 students are accustomed to digital learning, and the Google suite, and therefore able to share their work with teachers easily. Again, more disciplined students are adapting (and learning) better. Grade 5 teachers will update parents where more encouragement is needed to meet timelines of submissions, and they started with some Synchronous ZOOM sessions today, which certainly made our teachers very happy. Grade 4 has been exploring online sharing of comments and work via google docs and in the coming week/s will move forward with Google classroom, so that they can submit their tasks independently too. Grades 1-3 are still figuring out solutions and this week will be implementing a new platform SEE-SAW with only Grade 1 student initially. SEE-SAW does need an iPad or similar device to be dedicated to each child at home. Grade 1 teachers have tried the platform with the teacher and student logins and are confident that this will help children be independent in accessing and sharing their work, after initial support from parents. In homes where a device cannot be given to a child, parents will have to share workpieces. We will make the sharing needs minimal so that they take as little time as possible. We have heard concerns from some Grade 3 parents on the LFH workload, and are addressing this actively.

EY classes: All the learning has been asynchronous and our EY teachers have recorded videos embedded into easy to follow plans. Many parents have been emailing children's workpieces back, and these have been absolutely lovely to see, encouraging their teachers to dig deeper within themselves to deliver more. A really special one is the recording shared by a parent of their toddler "interacting' with a ZOOM video of her teachers. Another special one has been a toddler parent sending us the list of completed tasks for the day, including watering the plants with a 'pichkari'. Keep it coming, parents! We miss our learners :) Most of our K2 parents are emailing the children's workpieces back now. Teachers are now working towards more integrated learning, with favourite stories embedded with age-appropriate numeracy and literacy tasks. Starting with 2 per week initially, we will progress to 3 such experiences for every class next week, and progressively growing this. What better way for EY learning than from favourite stories!

Some reminders for EY and Grades 1-3 parents:-

  1. login from personal email Id is not possible, only the school email id sent for your child will work
  2. the LFH plan for the day is accessed on one hyperdoc for each day and you need to go back to that
  3. LFH work must be sent back only through the class email id shared with you

COVID19 lockdowns have compelled us to face the new reality, which was already staring us in the face for the last decade if not longer; the digital revolution. In the last comparable pandemic, the Spanish flu, more than 100 years back, the digital world did not exist, and children just lost learning time around the world. With digital learning not accessible to many in India and the world, let's take a moment to be grateful for our opportunities. Give a thought as well to many children for whom these weeks/months will be a complete washout, further reducing their life opportunities sadly. COVID news is all around, and we are integrating it as best possible in online learning, but do discuss the longer history of pandemics, the current challenges and developments with your children, to build empathy and perspectives.

Keep learning, keep building positive values and attitudes, and stay safe.

Best Regards,

Kavita Gupta Sabharwal

( On behalf of the leadership at Neev Early Years )



Message to the community: Online learning launch - Learning from Home - 23rd March 2020


Tomorrow, 24th March 2020, we start online learning for all students at Neev Early Years and Neev Academy.

We have enclosed an 'Online Learning Policy' for your reference, but to make the steps clearer, also enclosed is a presentation on 'Online Learning at Neev'. Parents of younger children please go over this with your child. Older children should be able to follow the steps independently. Do help your child (younger or older) get equipped for successful Learning from Home.

Students from PreK - Grade 4, are being sent school email ids, so please log in for your child, and change the password on the first login. Please note that these email ids for our young students have been created temporarily to enable online learning only and must not be used for any other purpose. They will be disabled at the end of this period.

Students from Grades 5-12 already have individual email ids to access online learning as needed.

Students from Grades 6-12 need to download ZOOM on their laptops and sign in, before starting the online learning.

All required information is in the Presentation or the Policy.
Thanking you for your support and cooperation.

Best Regards,

Neev Early Years Team



Message to the community: COVID-19 Update 5 - School closure/online learning – 20th March 2020


It is truly a lovely afternoon as I write this message, from our Yemalur campus, with clear blue skies and a gentle breeze. We miss our children here as do the leadership in campuses.

Important updates:

1. Neev Academy (Academy) and Neev Early Years (EY) will not physically open for any students or the teachers on Monday (March 23rd). This closure now includes the Diploma students (G11&12) as well

2. Online learning starts from Tuesday 24th March for 2 weeks. For:

  1. Neev Early Years (PreK - 2 hrs/day, and K1/K2 - 3-4 hrs/day, all asynchronous learning for now. Toddler parents will get Veracross updates with daily plans and ideas).
  2. Neev Academy (Grades 1-5 : 4 hrs of learning asynchronously, Grades 6-12 : 6 hrs of learning synchronously, with 20 min breaks between sessions)

Information sharing on the online sessions for Early Years and Grades 1-4, students will be with parents and for grades 5 - 12 directly on student emails. We are sure there will be glitches. Please be patient. Everyone is learning!

3. Online learning is expected to be taxing on learners, especially without the active human relationships of peers and teachers. We will plan all sessions recognising this. Doing more, with less, keeping objectives in focus, and making ourselves available during school hours to students. It would be great if families can also use this time for having some fun together. You may also want to consider small group activities for children, like book clubs, cooking sessions, or games while closely supervising to maintain safety, hygiene, and COVID restrictions. We discourage families from travelling. Another way to handle will be sharing books; many of our students will receive curated books from school that integrate with their ongoing units, as online learning creates the need for deeper exploration of themes while raising the opportunity of longer reading sessions at home. We have ordered many books this week, but suppliers are already warning us on possible delays because of import and freight restrictions. We will also share more book titles as the learning begins, you could also try and source some other titles in local book stores.

4. EXAMS/ EVENTS Updates from the education department (state and center) and boards require us to also postpone any exams/practicals scheduled in March. This immediately impacts some of our older students, specifically Grade 8 ICSE (term exams which likely only start with other term-end exams in the latter part of April), Grade 10 MYP (Art exhibition, Personal project completion, the start of IDU expected in early April) and Grade 12 (DP second language orals). The impacted students/families will receive communication from the heads of their programmes soon. The IB has emailed us that they will share decisions for implementation of Grade 10 & Grade 12 board exams by end-March; please expect a further update from us in early April. Most of the Grade 10 &12 externally assessed tasks were completed already, and some work that is due is being monitored by teachers. Eureka, our middle school science exhibition, is on hold for now. North campus's Neevotsav as well as Neev Jatre for our Queens Road and Koramangla branches that were cancelled in the week before spring break, will also be on hold for now. Please let all students continue to work hard, meet deadlines, and use their time fruitfully.

Self-declaration protocols for all visitors on campus/es are a requirement, and children under 16 years (below Grade 10) coming to school for any reason, must be accompanied by parents for signing the self-declaration. In addition to earlier routines, we are now beginning temperature checks at the gates as an added precaution.

Yesterday we had a call from a Grade 7 Academy student, to say that she was bored and wanted to come to school. I am sad to say that will not happen for a while, at least for kids. Let's keep our children's and our hopes and spirits up. As a wise man said 'no one can whistle a symphony, but together an orchestra can play it' - if we all move forward together, then success will take care of itself for our kids.

The Prime Minister in his address to the nation last night urged Sayyam (Discipline) and Sankalp (Determination). He also urged that essential services must continue. Since we have the privilege of living in a digital world, let's ensure we help our children take learning forward, equipping them with Discipline and Determination!


Best Regards,

Kavita Gupta Sabharwal

Founder Neev Early Years



Message to the community: Holiday declared- Friday 13th March 2020 - Grades 6 to 10 – 12th March 2020


This is to inform you that as per a government directive (original Kannada copy enclosed), Grades 6 to 10 at Neev Academy Yemalur (both IB and ICSE) will be closed tomorrow Friday 13th March 2020. This is one day earlier than our spring break, and we request you/your children to check all updates on Managebac for IB and Veracross for ICSE, tomorrow morning 9 am onwards, for completion of work.

The school will remain open for IBDP (Grades 11 & 12) as usual.

Earlier this week we had received directives for the closure of preschools and primary school, and the new directive reiterates that but goes further to say that these are to remain closed for the summer, also adding Grade 6 to that list. The directive adds that Grades 7-10 must complete exams soon and then close for the summer as well. We do appreciate the safety concerns that are compelling the government for these closures quite dynamically, and at the same time are seeking clarifications on how we can best achieve the teaching/learning schedule of the 8 weeks of term remaining post-spring break. Besides Grade 10 and Grade 12 Board exams, we will also clarify how our timelines, teaching/learning needs and assessments can be successfully managed.

On a more positive note, in the last two weeks, we have been in touch with IB schools experiencing online learning globally, and in the past week, our teachers and IT team have been working round the clock to test different applications and platforms. Today we had a full day online learning trial for our Grade 9 braveheart learners, who enthusiastically embraced the new instructional approach. I am pleased to share that it was quite successful, of course with some challenges that are to be expected. We had planned to do a complete debriefing with the students tomorrow morning, which we will now attempt to do over email (or maybe online :)). Teachers will be ready to start online sessions for most of our students post-spring break.

In the meanwhile, our PYP students should have received their learning materials this evening. We will also be sharing these for the Early Years children, soon.

Please await further updates on all of this. These are trying times, and all of us at Neev thank you for your patience and trust.


Best Regards,

Kavita Gupta Sabharwal

Founder Neev Early Years



Message to the community: School closed until further notice – 9th March 2020


All campuses of Neev Early Years, will be closed until further notice. As a result, the Koramangala and Queens Road Jatre stand postponed.

This is as per the official directive received on keeping the pre-primary schools across Bangalore closed. This is a preventive measure by the government that we will comply with. It is important to remain calm at this time and avoid panic, especially when many different kinds of information are circulated through social media. The school will keep you updated on any new information via email.

As a community, we at Neev, have always kept children’s safety, security and learning as our top priorities. We hope for all children to be back to school after the spring break. We will also keep the Koramangala and Queens Road parents informed on the new dates for Jatre.

We at Early Years team recommend that children continue the self and/or small group learning and engage themselves in meaningful experiences. It is important to be aware and mindful of health and hygiene and other protocols shared in the earlier communication from school. The teacher team will share a list of what the children can continue to do while away from school via the Veracross Parent Portal by end of day tomorrow, 10th March 2020. Please do login to keep yourself updated.

I am sure the working parents would have had the time today to make arrangements for their children while they will continue to be at work tomorrow. Let us take this time off for children, as an opportunity, to read and read more to, for and with our little ones. It is also recommended to take this challenging time as a learning opportunity for children. Your conversations with your child will give them the message of knowing and accepting that things beyond ones’ control may happen and the importance of being able to take them in ones’ stride.

Let us collectively take care and be safe.


Best Regards,

Priti Anand

Director, Neev Early Years



Message to the Community: COVID-19 Update 2 - 6th March, 2020


COVID-19 is causing anxiety, even fear in our community and across our country. It is a challenging situation for us all and we thank you for your support as we navigate the ever evolving scenarios.

While there have been further developments in the transmission of COVID-19 in India, the risk level in Bangalore and in India is still not high and the risk to children seems even lower. The Delhi government has closed all primary schools yesterday until end of March explaining that 'students of nursery and primary classes are too young to understand the risk making them more prone to infectious diseases'. But at the same time, we need to consider global reports; multiple sources, including WHO-China report, have shared that nearly 80% of COVID-19 infection cases are in those aged 30 years and older, and less than 3% of the cases are 18years and below. Of course we must keep our children safe, and we must do this as a community. Together.

So here is what we would like our community to follow:


Affected Countries


The 'Affected Country' list in India is now updated to include more countries for the purpose of testing and Quarantine, as issued to hospitals, and as of this morning we are following this for self-declaration for visitors entering the campus.

Here is the updated list of restricted countries/locations:

  1. China
  2. Germany
  3. Iran
  4. Japan
  5. Spain
  6. France
  7. Korea
  8. Italy
  9. Singapore
  10. USA
  11. International Conveyance (Diamond Princess)
Preparation & Response

Please review our RESPONSE MATRIX that guides us as we prepare our school and community to respond to this developing situation. HEALTH & HYGIENE PROTOCOLS are being discussed with children in all classes. The response matrix is based on guidelines many leading international schools use. We are currently at Level 2 (Moderate risk), and are following all the guidelines of this level. We are preparing for readiness of online classes, and if there is a step up to Level 3 (Medium risk), school will continue to stay open (unless the government decides otherwise) and we will get the teachers and students ready for this so that learning can continue uninterrupted at least for grades 5-12 at Academy. Parents of children in early years and grades 1-4, at Level 3 will receive guidelines on how they can partner with their children and the school. The cleaning and hygiene in school is stepped up. External visitor protocols are running. We believe we are far from Level 4 (high risk) that would require school closure. You can see what the schools response is guided by if the risk level increases; all else in this update follows at Level 2 (Moderate risk) now.


Steps Taken by School


We are actively taking precautions to avoid unnecessary risks. All external visitors on campus will sign self-declarations with our ENTRY PROTOCOL and also be further guided by our HEALTH RESTRICTIONS. The following school events have been cancelled:

  1. March 12 & 13: NFSL swimming event
  2. March 9 - 11: NEASC accreditation (may be postponed)
  3. March 25 to 29: Pondicherry trip for senior school French students (cancelled because children were to stay in other families’ homes)

For now, all other activities will remain on the schedule as per the calendar. We are closely and diligently monitoring developments and will update the community as things change.


Steps You Can Take

On Potential Exposure

If, in the last 14 days, any member of your family has (1) travelled to any of the countries in the AFFECTED COUNTRY LIST, or (2) come in contact with someone who has either visited, visited from, or passed through any of the countries in the Affected Country list, or (3) shows symptoms of COVID-19 please take the following precautions irrespective of symptoms:

  1. Inform the school
  2. Self-quarantine
  3. Do not enter the school campus until after the March break, or at least 14 days after return to the country
  4. Comply specifically with our ENTRY PROTOCOL and HEALTH RESTRICTIONS

Multiple parents have reached out, especially in our early years, to inform us of their return from different countries. We request all parents do this and share other information as needed with absolute integrity.

On Unwell Children
  1. Do NOT send children to school who are actively taking medication to treat a fever. This restriction is in place at all times of the school year not just during this sensitive time. Your child must be fever free WITHOUT medication for at least 24 hours before being sent to school, field trips, learning journeys, or school events. Please do not risk either your own child’s recovery or the health of other children at school
  2. A child on antibiotics will require a doctor’s clearance to return to school. It is a myth that you are not infectious once antibiotics start. Each medication has a different period of efficacy; what is true for some is not true for all
  3. Do NOT send children to school with a severe cough/cold or flu-like symptoms
On Hygiene & Safety
  1. Brief your children on good practise, without creating any panic. All class teachers have been briefing them on HEALTH & HYGIENE PROTOCOLS, you could use the same list for your discussions
  2. The school has enough sanitiser bottles around all areas, encourage them to use these, as individual bottles are not only a distraction but are quickly just adding to lost property

Many children at Academy are bringing in notes that they are not allowed to swim, some of the children are panicking with half-information. Swimming is not unsafe in a clean pool. The school pool is an Ozone pool, topped up with Chlorine. We have cancelled NFSL swimming, not because of the fear of in-the-pool contact, but outside-the-pool contact without adequate control over self-declarations by external children, in absence of their parents. Of course children with active cold/ cough will not swim at all. Please inform yourself of the risks before sharing concerns with your children. And children who are part of the swimming stayback but are still choosing not to swim, will need to leave at 3pm.

The intention of this updated guide is to bring our focus back on the collective well being of our community. Panic or paranoia spread faster than a virus especially with social media heightening the sense of risk – this is one condition that is easily avoided! We encourage parents to refrain from passing along information from unauthenticated sources in their WhatsApp groups. The school will share official, verified information via email.

With the March break coming up if any of you or members from your home are travelling out of the country, to affected countries or even otherwise, you must recognise that the self-quarantine expectations will be as per the conditions at that time. We encourage our community to not travel to any affected countries, and also consider international travel only if essential. India is a low risk area and we expect that it will continue to remain so.

Please be mindful that during this period of uncertainty, the school is receiving a significant number of emails on this subject. Our resources are fully dedicated to the safety of our students, teachers and community. We are staying abreast of local, national, and international developments and strengthening our practices as we prepare for evolving scenarios. As such, we are unable to respond to all your individual questions especially when information on the situation is either unclear or has been previously shared in school circulars.

As a community, we share a collective responsibility in helping to assure the health and continuity of learning for every student. We stay safe by making well-informed decisions that include the information and expertise of parents in our community. We trust our parents to make responsible choices as required for children’s safety and to trust the school to make the right decisions.


Best Regards,

Kavita Gupta Sabharwal

Founder Neev Early Years



Message to the Community: COVID-19 update - 3rd March 2020

In the wake of recent instances of the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) at a global level, and more importantly a first case reported though not in Bangalore, but of someone who passed through Bangalore recently, it is required for the school to take precautionary measures in the interest of community safety and well-being. -

With immediate effect, we require, that adults or children from the following conditions not come to school for the specified period:

  1. From homes where a family member/s have travelled to an affected country (currently listed as per government guidelines to Hospitals - China, Singapore, Italy, and Iran)*, or been in proximity of a visitor from any of these countries in the last 2 weeks (Period of absence from the school - From now, until the start of the March break, returning to school with a medical clearance from a renowned hospital after the break only)
  2. From homes where a family member has travelled to any other country (not listed above) with many reported cases of the infection (see the WHO or CDC sites for information), or have met with a visitor from any of these countries in the last 2 weeks, and are showing symptoms that at all show a correlation with COVID -19, or a serious cough, cold, fever or flu like symptoms (Period of absence - Definitely until symptoms subside, or longer, until they are cleared by a reputed hospital for COVID -19)
  3. From homes where a family member has been in contact with any individual suspected or confirmed to suffer a COVID -19 infection (Period of absence from the school - From now, until the start of the March break, returning to school with a medical clearance from a renowned hospital after the break only)
  4. From homes where neither of the above is true, but children or adults themselves have a severe cold/coughs or fever (Period of absences - until such time that the symptoms subside without medication. Do not send children who are on fever medication &/or antibiotics to school)

* This list is from our sources at Manipal Hospital, and is expected to be updated soon with more countries. But we require that the Neev community also assumes S.Korea to already be in the list, irrespective of an update.

We have ongoing exams in school, upcoming events like the PYP exhibition, and G10-12 PTM's, which might be affected by the absence of a child, teacher/staff member, or parent / family member; but it is responsible to accept the absence rather than risk the health of others in the community.

For all of the above conditions, kindly keep school informed. Children or adults showing flu-like symptoms in school will need to go home immediately as well. The school is taking more care with external visitors as well. Please expect more detailed guidelines soon.