Gallery, Events & Celebrations

Celebrating and recognizing children's work is one of our pillars of practices at Neev. Showcasing and honoring the work of all students, empowering them to take the lead role in communicating about their learning to community be it a parent, teacher and peer. We capture and display the collection of inspiring examples of art during our events at Neev. Every artwork, tells us a story- some will give us a insight into child's thinking, imagination and learning. Others express the artist's beliefs and concerns about the world we live in. In our Art Gallery album below, you will see some of the samples from last couple of years.

Events and celebrations, is a connection for a child between home and school and is a great time for parent participation. Celebrations are a wonderful way where children observe and assimilate the symbols associated with the festival/event. Some of these are celebrated in our homes and some are not and so it helps our children to widen their horizons, accepting and enjoying the differences and similarities they experience during these times.

Last year we had parents volunteering for different celebrations. Parent choir during Christmas, parents enjoying to the beats of the dandiya , golu display during Dussehra. Fun fair during Children's Day is organised by parents every year, Grand parents day where story telling and active participation by our grand parents. Curriculum Show and Tell - celebrating children's learning, Jatre - the celebration of their learning in the domain of fine arts and performing arts. There are many such events through the year, the dates are mentioned in the calendar - parents and families keep track of them and help us make these events and celebrations more fun and meaningful for our children.