Our Philosophy

Early Childhood Education and Care

Early childhood education builds on the basic values of society that we build into Early Childhood Education and Care at Neev - these values translate into the image of the child at Neev - to build foundations for life. Our priority is to ensure each child feels safe, secure and supported, fostering a sense of belonging and the opportunity to flourish.

We are committed to the development and nurturing of mutually respectful relationships with children and families within our diverse community of learners. We value children as unique individuals who are powerful contributors to their own learning, as well as the learning encounters that are experienced as being part of a group.

By providing periods of uninterrupted time to play, children find inspiration, joy and gain a sense of well-being. Our engagement with the great outdoors empowers children to connect with nature facilitating their social, spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional learning.

As advocates for the rights of young children, we believe it is our responsibility to inspire and share with the wider community our innovative practice. Children are respected, with educators holding a strong image of the child, believing they are capable, competent, curious and full of potential.