Time : 8:30 am - 1:00 pm   Full Day : 8:30 am - 3:00 pm
Age : 3y completed as of August
Teachers to Students Ratio:1:9
Pre-K : Emergent Investigators

Three-year-olds learn primarily through exploring using all the senses. They will even persist in completing something that is a bit difficult and can think more creatively and methodically when solving problems. Language for three-year-olds is taking off. They are also able to listen to and understand conversations, stories, songs and poems. Children of this age develop their logical reasoning skills as they play. As they become more independent, they begin to have real friendships with other children and typically seek adult assistance.

Our Goals for Pre-K are:
  • Children to be Independent
  • Children to follow the classroom routines
  • Children to develop a wide range of abilities and interests to build on their knowledge
  • Children to recognise phonetic sounds to begin the process of reading
  • Children to develop and enhance motor skills
  • Children to have a sense of group identity

The Neev Pre-K curriculum ensures the strongest foundation for future learning within a safe environment where every child can feel valued, confident and independent. Children have the freedom to choose from various curricular areas like communication area to math centers, dramatic play, block areas, art activities and motor activities. Our rich classroom environment focuses on literacy skills and well known children's books make the perfect springboard for exciting activities. Long term projects are steadily integrated into the curriculum. The outdoors gradually becomes an extension of the indoors in learning.

We provide an academically rich, developmentally appropriate environment to stimulate and enhance growth.