Safety & Security

Neev is committed to ensuring the safety and security of the children at all times. The school has numerous internal and external CCTV cameras. All entry doors to the school are locked throughout the day. Entry to the school is through the front door, which is manned by security personnel at all times. Once a visitor is signed in, they will be given a visitors badge, which must be worn at all times and accompanied by Neev staff. No visitors are allowed without prior appointment.

Entry and exit of children at drop off and pick up time is supervised by Neev staff and security personnel. All children will be issued with a Neev identification card. It is essential that the person who is collecting your child from school, unless it is a parent, carries this ID card with them. The teacher on duty will need to verify the identity of anyone who doesn't have the child's ID card. Please refer to the Parent handbook for further information.