Dear Teachers, I remember the summer of 2016, when a one-and-half year old Prisha bawled her eyes out when starting her Pre-toddler class which turned into the most delightful smiles by the end of the year. Clearly Neev was doing something right, so much so that she took just a couple of days to adjust when she moved up to the Toddler class. All we would hear all year long in response to “What did you do in school today?” was “I ‘played’ in the sandpit”. But looking at her growing vocabulary, her confidence, her class participation pictures, we knew we had made the right choice betting on this school. Pre-K and K1 went by in a blur but the learning, the nurturing, Jatre and the confidence-building - all stuff she needs to build a good foundation - stood out. K2 brought such unprecedented upheavals and so many challenges, yet you teachers did not drop the ball for even a second. That’s amazing and something very few schools managed. We gave you our most precious seed and you have returned to us a carefully-nurtured sapling. For that a mere thanks will never suffice. I wish all of you and Neev Early Years the very best, now and always.

Sushmita Choudhury Agarwal