EY Learning from Home 16th April 2020


I am sure you are all staying safe and healthy. The team misses the children and from your many emails, we understand children miss being at school. These are unprecedented times and it’s important that we keep our calm and positivity.

Digital learning has been a new experience for the Whole Neev community- teachers, children and parents. It’s 4 weeks now and we are at a halfway mark in our online learning modules. It’s heartwarming and endearing to see the work of the children. The ‘school’ looks different now. Going forward, the class teachers will give meaningful inputs that will be shared through the same email id that you are using for sending the work. Your submission of work and its feedback gives an indication of each child's progress and skills built. A lowering of academic performance after a long break, as during the Summer, is a well-documented fact and a worry for educators and parents across the world. This COVID-19 lockdown, if treated as a break from learning, just increases this risk. Having the discipline and routine at home will help children be more in control of their daily activities and learning.

We are committed to continuing this format of learning till the completion of the academic year 2019-20. Reports will be shared in the week of 11th May, along with the e-portfolios. These will reflect the work done while they were at school. The file portfolios will be shared when the situation improves.

The silver lining to find, the relationships getting stronger; the pollution getting lower; the tug on heartstrings, for all that is good and positive in our lives.

Leaving you with this message.

Best Regards,

Priti Anand

Director, Neev Early Years