Foundations For Curriculum

"What makes working with young children so exciting is the way the anticipated possibilities planned and provided for by the educator are used by individual and groups of children in spontaneous and dynamic ways. The people, children, parents and educators, who share the experiences, construct the curriculum." - Nutbrown, C. Children's Rights and Early Education

Our curriculum plan is a way of documenting what we do in order to support and promote children's learning and development. To ensure that all children flourish at neev, careful thought and consideration needs to go into the experiences offered to them.

The "curriculum framework" is a key component in helping us to plan, implement and review our curriculum for children. This framework offers us not just thinking points in relation to how children learn but also how we as educators can extend this learning and development further through intentional teaching and everyday practices. A good quality curriculum for young children is based on a balance of planned and spontaneous experiences.

To develop an effective curriculum for children an on-going cycle of observing, planning, documenting and reviewing is essential.