Beyond Curriculum

Beyond curriculum, Neev believes in multiple factors such as the family, social and cultural contexts in which children live and play, their own unique perspectives, and their life experiences influence them.

The well-being of each child matters to us. We want our children to be strong socially and emotionally. We want them as healthy as possible.


Gaining knowledge about children from multiple perspectives helps educators ensure that programs also value the unique and diverse characteristics of the children's families and the communities in which they live. We strongly urge parent to be partners in the learning journey of their child- our child.

Educators at Neev foster learning by valuing each child's uniqueness. They are best placed to guide children's learning and development through meaningful observations, which take account of what the child already knows.

A variety of experiences (indoors and outdoors) nurture children's spirit of inquiry, a life long love of learning and provides a foundation to becoming responsible citizens of the world, enabling them to make a difference at Neev!

Educators at Neev encourage children to contribute ideas, interests and questions to the learning environment. They support engagement by allowing time for meaningful interactions, by providing a range of opportunities for individual and shared experiences, and by finding opportunities for children to go into and contribute to their local community.