Partnering with Parents

As a community, we value and support meaningful relationships. We understand that diversity creates a reason to reflect, to question, and to grow in skills, awareness, and humanity. Particularly in the context of this diversity we maintain our image that each child is strong and competent, an image that also applies to the teacher, parent, community and environment, each part creating and supporting the other.

At Neev, families actively participate in their child's learning. Constant communication between the families, educators and children is fundamental to the curriculum and creates a rich social environment for everyone involved. Documenting the entire learning process is also paramount and guarantees families are aware of the progress of their child over time and are able to assist educators in meeting each child's needs.


As early childhood educators, we understand the pivotal role that a family plays in creating positive relationships between the child and school. Families are viewed as our 'partners' and we believe we have a shared goal in educating the children. themselves; it's easy for them to inculcate core values - grit, honour and grace. It is these core values that Neev seeks to teach children through teachers who are their role models and demonstrate these values through their thoughts, words and deeds.