Expert Talks

Nurturing children in the early years is a partnership between parents and teachers, home and school. Much development happens in these formative early years - of the brain, of self-esteem and of learning habits, forming the foundation for cognitive development in the later years, life-long learning, building strong relationships and an outlook on life. We find ourselves facing many questions in this journey with your young learners, as we're sure you do too.

At Neev, we organize lecture series by experts in the field of ECCE, to build a deeper understanding together of what we can all do to nurture the young minds entrusted to us. We have launched this lecture series for our parent community on various topics like- Importance of independence, Building norms and keeping routines, Boundary setting, Use of devices, The importance of Child centric language by adults, Building connections through language, Latest research about learning, Why play matters, The importance of developing independence early in children and many more