Our Schools

Today, children need to collaborate and compete in a globalized world. A world that requires a strong foundation right from the beginning. Neev is a unique "extended pre-school" that addresses these early learning needs.

We have five fully owned preschool branches located at 5 different locations in Bangalore.


At Neev, we believe in providing an environment that stimulates learning, takes care of the needs of the young children and encourages them to experiment. Each of our spacious classroom environments are filled with abundant sunlight and ventilation. They are equipped with meaningful, developmentally appropriate play based experiences for the children.

We provide opportunities for the children to explore literacy, numeracy, music and movement, science and nature, math and the arts to help understand and relate to the world around. A typical day for a Neev preschooler would include exposure to learning experiences that have been developed keeping in mind the specific needs of the programme. Students may be engaged in activities ranging from a whole group, small group or at an individual level in accordance with the strengths and interests of each child. Children will have opportunities for solo play as well as for forming relationships with peers.

Our educators take the time to provide families with up to date information on their child's day and developmental progress from time to time. They are selected for their qualifications and expertise in the field of early childhood education. Neev prides itself on the quality of care, warmth and safety in the learning environment provided to the students.

Our interdisciplinary, thematic approach to learning provides a superior learning program for all students, enabling them in their early years with the tools to succeed when they enter the grade school.