Team at Whitefield

Aparna Atreya

Branch Head

The real world is very rich in its complexity and we are constantly struggling to make sense within it. And early childhood education is no different. At Neev we are a community of educators driven with a strong intent, purpose and passion in everything we do.

Young children are permeable. They learn quickly and are often filled with curiosity about the world around them. We create a unique opportunity to ensure that children and parents develop a life filled with a love for learning. Early childhood curriculum is an important aspect of this process. ECC(early childhood curriculum) is everything children learn. Be it planned or spontaneous. How we make this happen is through constantly upgrading our own best practices. In short, we are better educators when we connect the educational dots.

I personally have had an incredible experience working here. I feel challenged to make sense of my role and at the same time feel encouraged to develop a community of competent colleagues with whom I can bounce off ideas, think deeper and deeper with questions of how best we can help our children learn and thrive in an environment

that is so enriching. I feel that, in a community where everyone is enthusiastically participating- all of us moving forward with our learning, in our own quaint professional spaces, where all levels of expertise are valued and celebrated, turns out to be a fantastic confluence of collaborative learning, professional growth and fun. The journey has just begun, and I know I have miles to go before I sleep.


Our Team
Area Director Ms. Priti Anand
Branch Head Ms. Aparna Atreya
Branch Admin Ms. Smitha Bogar