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Archana Vijay

Branch Head

What do we wish for our children's future? An important question to ask ourselves as educators and parents. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. We cannot foresee the future, but definitely help our children prepare for it!

Growing up in the 80's,teaching and learning was synonymous with 'finding or knowing the right answer'. It more or less lead to supposed knowledge acquisition and guaranteed academic success. The beauty in today's futuristic education systems is that there is an emphasis on the 'poignant learning process' of each child, where the quest is not for the right answers instead it leads to a continuous journey of testing theories, innovating and constant questioning of one's thinking! We are in the 21st century where our children are moving towards a generation of innovation boom, predisposed towards creativity, collaboration, risk-taking and problem-solving. So what will work or help the future generations to succeed and flourish?

I have been fortunate enough to experience different schools of thought over the years in various early childhood centres across the world.

Neev itself has undergone an exciting evolution of early childhood education philosophies, thoughts and practices over the years. As an ever evolving organisation catering to the needs of our children today and tomorrow; keeping in sync with globally researched and significant practices we have come to give power and meaning to our curriculum to enable a stronger future for our children. At Neev, the play-based curriculum revolves around the child, his needs, capabilities, strengths and interests. We focus on what the child can achieve rather than what they cannot! Thus we work on building skills and dispositions so children are ignited with a life-long love of learning. As we give this gift of 'love for learning' we are gearing our children with skills like research, negotiation, problem-solving, creativity, collaboration and critical-thinking to be, become and belong as a citizen of this great planet!



Our Team
Area Director Ms. Priti Anand
Branch Head Ms. Archana Vijay
Branch Admin Ms Sneha Armugam