Our Mission, Vision & Values


Reimagining excellence in education in a changing India


Building knowledge, self-awareness and relationships with people and the environment to seek happy, healthy, impactful lives.

Core Values:

The mission leads directly to opportunities for adults and children in the community to develop


Physically & emotionally
  •  Being passionate, well rounded learners who make strong choices
  •  Choosing to be physically fit, working towards excellence in sports
  •  Creating room for play
  •  Showing responsibility and independence in action, skills and thought
  •   Building strong personal relationships, being easy to access, sharing knowledge
  •   Developing individual ability while contributing to building a stronger team
  •   Respecting history, culture, heritage and diversity
  •   Valuing and developing communication skills through everything
  •   Recognizing multilingualism as a route to intercultural understanding
  •   Developing interests and knowledge, setting challenging goals, and persevering
  •   Knowing and understanding the world, where it comes from & where it is going
  •   Being environmentally conscious, take actions to positively impact the environment
  •   Making thinking and learning visible for creating greater understanding
  •   Studying news & views to develop knowledge with perspective /li>
  •   Valuing the world as the broadest context for learning
Grow individually while growing the community
  •   Building positive habits
  •   Constantly growing
  •   Valuing relationships and the earth
  •   Valuing resources