Distance Learning

As Learning from home became the new normal in times of COVID-19, we saw this as an opportunity to switch and turn to use the technology better by launching Distance Learning for our students at Neev. Online learning will serve as a platform in enabling the students to reach their highest potential and access their respective grade curriculum from the safety of their homes. In the global times of this pandemic, we take this opportunity to continue the process of learning when the school is closed for varied reasons (epidemic, political etc). You can access all the communication from Neev in response to Coronavirus here.

Systems and process to support Distance Learning

Our systems are already built on cloud-based systems, which means that the functioning will continue to work from anywhere in the world, even during Distance Learning. Communication channels like Email, GSuite, Veracross, ManageBac, SeeSaw are being used collaboratively by teachers and students. We have adapted our Distance Learning Programme to be in a ratio of Asynchronous and Synchronous learning.



The success of Distance Learning at Neev is based on a partnership and is dependent on careful planning by faculty, appropriate student motivation and engagement, and strong parent support for this alternative mode of instruction. We hope that the result of such learning experiences will expand student academic progress and attend to student social and emotional well-being. We encourage students to maintain their classwork and online sessions, along with maintaining a healthy routine by adopting stretching exercise between sessions. We will continue to adapt Distance Learning as an ongoing process, as we believe in the power of knowledge and reading, no matter the medium.

Distance Learning Process

To make Distance Learning easier and smoother for our children, we have a set of processes which will help the parents to easily access their child’s reading and learning. The focus for Early Years children will be Emergent Literary activities, Emergent Numeracy activities, Holistic-Focused activities which will be conducted for a timeframe of 15-20 minutes. We highly encourage the extended time to be used for exploring and developing new skills or to pursue sustained or extended projects:

  • Learning a new board game or skill
  • Practising mindfulness/yoga/breathing exercises
  • Exploring a new interest or passion
Resources for Parents and Students

Students and parents can view the entire information below, which is customised and tailor-made only for their perusal. You can access Neev Early Years Distance Learning Page, wherein you can find all the necessary information on the curriculum and online classes. Parents are also requested to see the online learning policy for more information.